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Title:Two Men On Top
Author name: Icarus
Author email: icarus_ancalion@yahoo.com
Category: Slash
Sub Category: PWP
Summary: Pure PWP smut. What happens when you have two natural tops in the bedroom. A follow up to Far Too Personal.'
DISCLAIMER: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Copyright © 2004 by Icarus Ancalion. All rights reserved. This story may not be reproduced in whole or part without the author's explicit permission. Ask, guys. I'm easy to reach and usually quite generous.
Author notes: Thank you to Anuanu and Tboy for the beta review, not to mention Brodie for the original challenge and Switchknife for the the plea: more sex, please!


There was a heavy, wet gasp into Severus' hair as strong, rough hands dug into his shoulders; the inept boy pressed in hard. Panted. "How's that?" Ron grunted in his ear.

"Oh, god." He could feel the smile in the back of his neck, the faint motion of breath.

"You're so... tight," Ron whispered, "haven't been on bottom in a while?" His body, sweaty and so warm, was pressed into Severus' back. Damp lips traced loose kisses on the nape of his neck, his shoulders, wherever his hair wasn't stuck fast. Oh. He shivered. He loved that, and gave himself over to it.

"Just haven't --"

"Ungh --" The boy maneuvred in further.

Severus gasped. "-- had sex in a while." A snort of laughter, nervous sputter on the back of his neck, as delightful as it was funny. Merlin's bloody arse he shouldn't've admitted that. "Shit. What is it about you that makes me too fucking honest?"

"I'll make an honest man out of you," Ron growled -- so corny -- and nipped at his ears, then rose to his knees, manhandling his hips.

Severus arched back into him, biting his lip. He didn't remember sex being so blatantly physical before. That humid pant in his hair, the skin, so soft, stuck to his back... pulled loose with an almost obscene sound as the young man got up, shifted. Mmmm.

Ron squeezed his hips... Severus' own skin felt so silky under that firm grip and Ron's hands were meaty and warm. It was his first and last warning before he drove in, harder. He began to rock, to move inside him. Severus knew he cried out, but didn't really hear it. He was thrown forward, too forceful. He caught himself on his elbows. He didn't usually like it hard, did he? Control, he liked.

The next pressed his chin into the pillow. And again. This was a man come to battle and damn it, he had a javelin stuck up his arse, forcing the air out of him, thrust in as far as it could go. Then the pressure released, Ron's cock pulled back, just a little. And it felt soooo good.

"Harder," Severus said through gritted teeth. Ron mouthed delicious obscenities into his back, planting himself firmly for another brutal attack.

"Touch yourself for me." Ron's voice was husky, needy. In any other voice, any other time Severus would have been annoyed at the command. Severus braced himself with one forearm as he complied with a sigh, stroked.

Ron's deliciously warm hand fumbled at his balls; then he rocked forward gently inside Severus, over and over, maddening after such force.

"Hard, dammit."

"Touch yourself."

Oh god. Severus shut his eyes. His hand was frenzied, his chest arched into the pillows as he pressed his arse up to take more of the man inside him. But Ron held his hips fast, kept them to his slow, steady pace. Usually that slow pace was just right, just enough, just what he wanted, but after that hard drive he needed more. He'd been filled more. Sadist. Cruel, clever sadist. When did he ever take the boy to be inexperienced?

Then Ron took hold of his hips, squeezed again; Severus panted, his hand paused as he wondered what was next.

Ron gripped his hips tight, and made a slow, excruciating circle. And then slid in, deeper. Then out, softly. Severus felt every inch of his arse, felt Weasley wring every ounce of delighted enjoyment out of him. He groaned. Oh god, I am being thoroughly screwed...

"Touch yourself," Ron murmured again, his voice a soft keening pant. Good. At least he wasn't in control either. Then he did that circling again, and Severus lost all concentration, mouth open in an exquisite moan.

"I can't."

Then Ron's arm wrapped around his stomach, hard and flat -- Severus was proud of that at his age -- and held him tightly as he did it again, harder this time. And harder. And harder, until Severus wanted to bite something or cry out.

He let loose with a series of invectives that would have given any student of his pause, if they weren't fucking him senseless at the moment. Ron giggled. Giggled, damn him! He swore louder, and really wished he could keep the laugh out of his voice. He had better control than this. Usually.

Ron released him and settled into a steady, strong pulsing motion that felt very easy and natural on him...slightly ragged as a hand slipped, or he got the angle wrong for a moment.

Ron's breath started to catch, a little gasp, a boyish moan as he speeded, jerked slightly off-rhythm. Severus held very still so as not to interrupt -- as Ron came, and sagged panting, on his back. A faint cool sheen of sweat covered his body; the only time Ron was ever cool was after he'd come.

Severus rolled onto his back and wrapped his arm about the boy's shoulders, tugging loose and then tucking the sheet in closer around him. Ron's chest rose and fell in gasps. He lay bonelessly in his arms; Severus leaned over to kiss him.

Ron said, the words brushing his lips, "You haven't come yet..."

Severus stroked his sweaty red hair. It was so thick. "That can wait." He nuzzled the boy's dewy freckled cheek. His arse was freckled, too; he liked that. "Mature men have more self control."

Ron stretched languidly down to his toes, arms reaching over his head, and he laughed. His thick thigh slid between Severus' legs and along his rather sticky (and very hard) cock.

"Bullshit. 'Oh, my, oh, oh, fuckmefuckmefuckme...' " he quoted and trailed off into a snicker.

Did he say that? Damn. Severus rolled on top with a growl, pressing himself into Weasley's hip to teach him some manners. Ron only grinned up at him, face bleary and tired. He ground a little circle.

"Next time, I'm on top." Severus had to admit he was far too tired right now. He was a fool to be fucking a nineteen-year-old, though usually they didn't have much stamina.

Weasley leaned up with an impish grin. "But I'm so great on top."

Severus really wished he could argue with that. He feared however that Ron had another quote in his repertoire to back him up. Severus reached over and grabbed a glass of water off the bedside table. Amazing it had survived.

"Yes. You are," he reluctantly admitted, taking a sip. His voice was deepened, muffled in the glass. He swallowed and handed it to Weasley. "But so am I."

"Is this war then?" Ron gulped down the rest of the water. His eyes glittered with challenge and amusement.

"Indeed it is."


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