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First off, I'd like to inform you that I in no way, shape, or form endorse these stories. They are not even remotely true and I certainly would never lower myself to engage in these sorts of, ah, activities.

But apparently a number of authors have written fictional stories featuring chez moi.

Now I can understand their interest. I've had a stellar career and have been mentioned in at least two articles in The Daily Prophet (October 9th, 1994; October 21st, 1995) and well, as they say, all publicity is good publicity. My solicitor however insists that I at least make this caveat.

Fair warning: the Percy Archive contains mature content. NC-17 stories. Naughty stuff that I would never approve of (at least not in public where mum might see).

If this offends your delicate sensibilites the door is right over there. Naturally, you are free to leave. Otherwise if you appreciate this sort of thing, please proceed to the stories.

Note: the management has been forced to turn off anonymous reviews due to obnoxious spammers abusing the review function. Good day.

If you would like to read more about my C.V., personal history and career, my agent has such information available at Percy Fans.

There are currently 147 stories in this archive.

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Severus lives to reap the benefits of playing both sides against the middle...

Power Corrupts Pleasurably by LdyBastet (NC-17)
Percy is taken for a Slytherin ride... [Lucius/Severus/Percy, Draco/Blaise/...

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